The Show

With so much software available in the Short Term and Vacation Rental industry these days, how do you keep up to date with who's who and who's doing what exactly? Each week on Techsplained Tuesday, catch a brief, to the point interview with accommodation software and service providers. An occasional episode will cover industry issues too.

But there's no hot air and no waffling on. Just straight to the point. Best 20 mins spent each week!

The Host, Deborah Labi

With 15 years of short term rental industry experience behind her, The Guest Innspector was the ideal service for her to offer. She's been a VR owner, a manager, a guest (many, many times) and an owner having experienced on-boarding with two management companies. She's been called a 'gypsy' spending most of the year travelling, sorry, 'relocating' as she describes it. Originally from Australia, she made the big move and is now based in Europe.

The Guest Innspector consultancy led her to create this podcast. Her reports to clients include recommendations for certain software or services and she wanted to create a resource page that her clients could go to to learn more about the companies. How are other owners and managers supposed to keep up with so much software and services available too? Some are fortunate to be able to attend conferences and meet these suppliers, but the majority are not. Hence there now have a resource page for everyone!

Deborah is also the founder and creator of Have You Got (a guest referral platform), the co-Director of the Book Direct Show and a number of other ventures. She loves connecting people and is an OCC, an obsessive compulsive creative!